Projects and Technologies

Check out some of our favorite projects we’ve worked on over the past couple of years by selecting from the Projects dropdown. As solution architects we create web applications ranging from small business websites to enterprise web applications.

Enhanc3 provides the following services:

  • Custom WordPress implementations
  • Custom ASP.NET website implementations
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Custom Google search integration
  • Web traffic analysis and usage pattern tracking
  • Social media integration
  • Location based business optimization

The following technologies may be utilized for your project:

  • PHP
  • Java
  • Active Server Pages (VBScript)
  • SQL
  • HTML
  • JavaScript
  • CSS
  • Visual Basic
  • VisualBasic.NET/C#
  • XML


@Gende, we had a critical ASP web application that Paul was responsible for launching. His attention to detail was amazing. He was able to present a finished product well within the project deadline and provided great follow-on service. I wish I had more projects that I could assign to him. I would recommend him to anyone!

Ryan Lance

Technical Account Manager at VMware, Gende

While working with Paul Spoerry at NaviSys, which later became Genelco Software Solutions, I was greatly impressed with his focus, attention to detail, dedication to projects, organizational skills and company pride. During the 5 years I worked alongside Paul, I worked in both the Human Resources and Marketing departments. I supported Paul with his HR and Marketing needs but also appreciated his creative ideas and eagerness to volunteer for multiple committees and large scale projects (e.g. the annual user conference).

I have had the opportunity to watch Paul grow in his career with a continued investment in professional and personal growth. He is extremely talented and a pleasure to work with, on any level.

Sandra Darr

Sales Compensation Analyst

Converica hired Paul to create our website. Having personally worked with Paul before, he met my high expectations. He was easy to communicate with, knowledgeable of options available, and ensured we were pleased with the final outcome.

Barbara Gellman

Self-Development Advocate, Coach, CranioSacral Practitioner, Process & Flow Improvement Expert & Orgzanizational Wiz, Converica

I had the pleasure to have Paul work for me while at NaviSys. At NaviSys we provided commerical software for the life insurance industry and it was important to have individuals with a strong business sense, strong technically and the ability to work directly with the end customer. Paul excelled in each of these areas and was a valuable resource for our organization.

Steve Bryzeal, MBA

Software Sales Executive at Concentrix Insurance Solutions

Paul is a knowledgeable technician. I am a marketing individual who must rely on the expertise of technicians like Paul to explain and recommend solutions to technical issues that has to do with the Internet. My job involves keeping our Web site humming and moving/using new technologies. Paul breaks down the technical information for me and gives me options to choose from. He also does troubleshooting and provides solutions to issues. Paul is smart, witty and fun to work with. I would recommend him in a technical role as well as a leadership role as he is able to see the small, intricate details as well as who those details affect the big picture.

Susan Wagy

Marketing Professional at Concentrix Corporation

Working on projects with Paul is always enjoyable. While professional and focused on the customer needs or end result, he also brings a great sense of humor to the project that sets participants at ease. He easily establishes good working relationships with customers and co-workers alike. He pays attention to detail and is always accountable. Never one to play the “blame game,” I’ve always known Paul to dig in and work with others regardless of “boundaries” to get the job done right. He is passionate about technology and always looking to use the latest advancements or techniques to the project’s benefit. If you need a web and/or SQL application architected or improved, i highly recommend having this Web & SQL Ninja chop it down to size!

Tim Hertel

Sr IT Specialist at Concentrix

Paul is one of the finest technical resources I have ever had the opportunity to work with. Paul excels at design and technical leadership and is always willing to take on big challenges. Paul is a must have resource on any project.

Rick Hussey

Sr. Project Manager

It’s been a decade since I worked with Paul. At the time, he was one of the most knowledgable, most reliable, and friendliest people you will ever meet. We keep in touch, and he has picked up something new every time we meet. I would be happy to work with him again.

Rob MacMorran

RNM Solutions, LLC