Wes Kolkmeier - Woodworking Artist

One-of-a-kind turned and hand-hewn bowls

WesWoodworking.com is the workworking website of Wesley Kolkmeier.

The client.

A man born and raised on a farm in St. Charles County, Missouri, where he learned the skills of cutting, drying, shaping, and turning wood. Wes’ large segmented turned vases are thoughtfully designed with carefully chosen wood varieties to bring stunning color to the piece. Then thousands of segments are individually calculated & cut with absolute precision. Placed together in 1.5″ rings and then turned and finished to perfection, These works of art stand an average of 5ft tall and are a breathtaking addition to homes and collections all over the country.

My Role.

Wes creates stunning handcrafted woodworking and needed a way to display them on the web. So we set off to craft a site that would highlight his existing portfolio of work. Additionally, we implemented an image gallery to showcase additional works as he completed them. Wes of course needed his site to show off his woodworking skill on a desktop as well as mobile devices so a mobile responsive theme was used. In addition to coding we assisted with link sharing for Wes’ site with community organizations and guilds that for which he is a member. Add a few dollops of SEO, hosting of the site, and providing direction on technology trends and Wes was up and running with his new site!

Visit WesWoodworking now and check out his one-of-a-kind turned and hand-hewn bowls: WesWoodworking.com

Wes Kolkmeier one-of-a-kind turned and hand-hewn bowls