Project: The LittleBigFund

A really rewarding project, The LittleBigFund, was developed to crowd source funds for regionally based non-profits! The LittleBigFund exists to focus small donations into a powerful sum that makes an increasingly meaningful impact to community-based nonprofits, all while empowering donors to believe they can make a difference within their financial means. Then they tell stories. With so much buzz surrounding huge, administration-heavy nonprofits and one-time projects, The LittleBigFund will bring the neighborly feeling of accomplishment back to charitable giving. It will empower donors to feel that they can make a meaningful impact within their means through collective action. The process. Each month the online nonprofit organization will collect little charitable donations to form a big fund. At the end of every month, donor vote determines which of three pre-curated and trusted nonprofits the fund is given to. While only one nonprofit receives the fund, all three receive exposure to a wider online audience and a heartfelt tale of their journey and goals. Donors are able to support a cause in a much larger capacity than they would have alone. The stories. The LittleBigFund will be the voice for organizations with touching stories struggling to obtain support. A commitment to storytelling before and after voting rewards passion while keeping donors engaged. My Role. As the Lead Developer for The LittleBigFund I heavily modified an existing CMS, implementing shopping cart functionality, modifying it to meet the custom needs for The LittleBigFund, and providing direction on technology, hosting, theme tweaks, SEO, and more. Funny side story, when it came time to launch there was a tornado in Saint Louis and the power was out. I was making updates and launching the site via a hotspot on my cell phone! Now that’s dedication! Sadly, is on hiatus at the moment but we hope to see them back soon!

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