Code: Post Editor for Google+

Post Editor for Google+ is a Chrome Extension for Google+™ that adds formatting buttons to the bottom of the post box so you can easily style your posts. On other popular social networks like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc you can only input plain text. Google+allows you to  bold, italicize, and strike-through text much like using a word processor. Ok not quite like a word processor. You have to remember the markup/tags to make the text display the way you want. But not any more…. If you’re new to Google Plus, or even if you’re an experienced user, formatting posts on Google+ has never been easier. Simply type what you want, then use the controls provided by the Post Editor for Google+ Chrome extension adds and let it help you format your posts.  So if you find it hard to remember how to make things bold on Google+, or how to make them Italic, the extension can help!

Download Post Editor for Google+ from the Chrome Web Store:

You can find the download and source on GitHub.

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