Project: HippieMoney

Hippie Money, counter currency from the Counter Culture. It's money for the rest of us!

HippieMoney is counter currency from the Counter Culture! It’s money for the rest of us!

The client.

What better way to promote the universal hippie ideals of peace, love, and understanding than by visibly communicating concepts such as renewable resources, sustainable technology, social justice, spiritual awareness, and environmental responsibility on Woodstock Nation currency? This is the intention of HippieMoney was to keep these ideas in front of the public consciousness so that it would eventually bring about the desired positive changes in American society.


My Role.

It’s rare (and fun) when you get to work with a client who is also an artist. This was the case on this project… there was already a solidified idea, graphics (in the form of posters, bills, etc.), and page copy. What was needed was the expertise to get all that onto the web in a slick way. Implementing a CMS, putting in place a shopping cart/e-commerce system, generating captivating page layout that includes video, CSS transformations, and a fully mobile responsive theme were just a few of the things needed to get HippieMoney off the ground. In addition to coding there was a sprinkling of SEO, hosting of the site, and providing direction on technology trends.

Visit HippieMoney now and check out it’s story and be on the lookout for incredible products:

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